Fountains serve many purposes. They add beauty to your landscape, and they aerate ponds and lakes, meaning they add oxygen to ponds and lakes that have been overcome by nutrients from fertilizers, overgrown plants, and pollutants.

Fountain Types and Uses

Fountains range in size and horse power, depending on the purpose for the fountain itself. For example, a homeowner may choose a fountain for mainly decorative purposes for a small backyard pond. This type of fountain might be considered Fractional or small, with horsepower of ½ to ¾. Or, a larger fountain in a Mid Series ranges from 1-5 horsepower.

Aerating fountains are usually in the Large (7.5-10 HP) to Giant (10-25 HP) ranges, and are used to create a beautiful pattern above the water surface, while aerating the water. These types of fountains are found in ponds and lakes with larger depth and need for oxygenation.

Fountains are beautiful in the daytime, but with our lighting packages, you can now enjoy patterns and a beautifully lit fountain in the evening hours. Ask about Coastal Pond Solution’s extensive selection of lighting packages for your new fountain, serving Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas .

Fountain Panels

Coastal Pond Solutions, as an authorized Otterbine dealer, is dedicated to only offering the safest and most reliable aeration and fountain products available. Exceeding safety requirements in the components and design of our equipment, to the warranties and customer support we provide; the integrity of our power control centers is an integral part of honoring our commitment.

The power control centers for our Otterbine Aerating Fountains, Industrial Aerators and Giant Fountains come complete with state of the art components that include surge/lightning arrester, 24-hour timer, hands-off auto switch, external reset and people protection GFCI. (GFCI is not provided on 460V units, an optional EPD can be provided.)

Panel Upgrades: Our standard cabinet is a NEMA 3R enclosure, while we also offer fiberglass and stainless steel enclosure upgrades for coastal and other harsh environments.

Panel Options: Include custom panels that allow you to combine controls for multiple systems into one panel, as well as wind controls, photocells, light sets with or without sequencers, phase monitors, and step down transformers.


Aerators are used to infiltrate a pond with needed oxygen.  Still ponds are only able to exchange gases at the water’s surface level.  When there is not enough oxygen in a pond, marine life cannot be supported, and gas exchange is limited, leading to unwanted build up of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. This will cause foul odors and unclear water, and a conversion to potentially toxic nitrate.  As a dealer for The Power House and Otterbine Barebo, Coastal Pond Solutions offers many models of aerators for any size pond- both fresh and salt water.  Continuous flow, surface agitation, high pumping volume, and built for energy-savings, our aerators will have your ponds looking great and functioning properly.